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Wider Curriculum

Park Alternative Curriculum Scheme – R/KS1/KS2
Park Alternative Curriculum Scheme (PACS) is a progressive learning programme, designed around meeting the needs of the pupils at Park PRU. PACS provides a framework for wider achievement that allows our pupils to celebrate their successes; through a medium that has increased engagement, provided motivation and given them ownership over the way they keep track of their own success.

  • PACS is a perfect for blended learning, bridging the gap between school and home.
  • PACS is a valuable structure and framework that can offer a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • PACS is an adaptable resource that can be used to evidence cross-curricular links, e.g. outdoor learning, health and well being, citizenship etc.
  • PACS is a fully inclusive award that engages the young person regardless of their interests, background or ability.

It is a way of learning which allows the teachers and SNTA’s within class to help and support the children with identifying and then following through on their interests in a way in which helps them to remain focused over longer periods. It gives small steps for the children to work towards, within four different areas, to help keep their interest and help them to explore subjects they may not have previously had an interest in. These 4 areas are:

  • What interests me?
  • How can I be more active?
  • What is in our community?
  • Can we go on an adventure?

The children participate in an activity within a given area. Once they have competed a designated of hours for an activity, they will achieve a certificate.

They work their way up the certificates until they receive a bronze, silver or gold award.

When the children have met the amount of hours they need to achieve each colour, they will receive a certificate and pin badge in recognition of their achievement. (This is highlighted in the table below).

CALM curriculum (Cooking, Adventure, Leisure & Mindfulness) – KS3

Personal Development Programme

The goal is to engage pupils through a relevant and motivating curriculum to achieve meaningful learning outcomes, which elevate them to go on to their next setting, further education, training and work, and empower them to take control of their lives. We will do this by developing the programme with an accessible and practical pedagogy for pupils; and by supporting educators to foster the personal, social and work-related abilities of young people in greatest need. They will support our pupils to discover their passion and purpose as they move forward into further education, work or training through their interests.

We believe that our pupils should have the opportunity to discover, develop and make use of their abilities to affirm their identities, contribute to society, and challenge educational and social inequalities.

The Personal Development Programme can structure and reward the different activities pupils complete in and out of the classroom environment. These are achieved in the following modules:

  • ‘Sport and Leisure’ – Personal Development
  • ‘Independent Living’ – Personal Development
  • ‘Communication’ – Personal Development
  • ‘My environment’ – Personal Development
  • ‘My community’ – Personal Development
  • ‘Health & Wellbeing’ – Personal Development
  • ‘Experssive Arts’ – Personal Development
  • ‘World of Work’ – Personal Development
  • ‘Science and technology’ – Personal Development
  • *Other agreed challenges – Personal Development

The Personal Development Programme enables pupils to:

  • Recognise their personal qualities and abilities
  • Choose modules they would like to learn about
  • Explore new activities and become more confident in trying new things
  • Develop skills that will be invaluable when the transition to KS4, start work and begin living independently
  • Record achievements

The programme is designed to achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold awards dependent on time allocated to modules achieved through personal objectives.
Bronze = 60 hours of challenge = 6 credits
Silver = 120 hours of challenge = 12 credits
Gold = 180 hours of challenge = 18 credits

At Park Aspire, we follow a carefully chosen Personal Development curriculum. Depending on the needs, experiences and maturity levels of the children in each class, the teacher will select the most suitable and appropriate units from the curriculum to deliver to their class. 

Please click below for the links to each Key Stage’s curriculum. If you would like more specific detail on which units your child’s class will be following, please contact your child’s class teacher via the school office.