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Parent Testimonials

R is very happy to come to school now. He is so much happier attending Park Aspire. I feel like I am getting R back and I am not on the edge of my seat all the time waiting for a phone call. Thank you all.
Year 5 parent – April 2024

When a parent was asked, what is currently working well for your child?  Park Aspire. Smaller groups. Massive improvement seen at home, reduced anxiety levels, rarely has an accident at bedtime. Not fighting about coming to school. She is smiling again. Less overwhelmed by everything. Updates from school are brilliant, I feel less anxious too. Thank you all, so much!
Year 3 parent – March 2024

X was so very unhappy prior to coming to Park. He had said to a sibling he just didn’t want to be here anymore. Mum feels like he has changed so much and come so far while at Park Aspire. He seems happier, he’s not as emotional and seems to be able to talk to staff more about his feelings. He is even talking about the future and that he wants to be a plumber/electrician. Mum is overjoyed that he is talking about a future. She asked specifically to pass on her thanks to all the staff that work with X.
Year 8 parent – January 2024

I feel he is being looked after well at this school and is given support. Year 4 parent – July 2023                                                                                              

I am happy with J’s progress.       Year 6 parent – June 2023                                                                                                                                                       

Absolutely amazing school and staff are outstanding! Thank you, for giving my child the support to enjoy learning again.  Year 6 parent – July 2023

You have done so well in such a short time, he is coming on really well.  Year 6 parent – April 2023

Yes, the school has done so much for C. I really appreciate it. Year 5 parent – March 2023                                                                                              

When a parent was asked, what is currently working well for your child? Park Aspire. He wants to come in, he’s up early every morning. He likes all the staff, you are all brilliant with him. You allow him to communicate. You understand his needs. He is so much happier at school and at home. One of his teachers even gave him some different words to use when he is frustrated instead of swearing. (He told me all about it!) He starts to express when he is feeling anxious/angry instead of losing it and having a meltdown, every time.  It’s all brilliant, and he has less outbursts.  Year 7 parent – January 2023

When I first found out that my child was going to a PRU it filled me with dread, however, I soon came to realise that it was in fact, a great facility for children who could not attend mainstream school. The staff have patience and understanding, treating pupils with respect. They took the time to get to know my child and how to get the best out of him. Through reward and recognition, he soon realised that good behaviour resulted in good rewards; football, chess and recently pool but to name a few.

There have been some bumps in the road over the last two years but his journey has made him into the mature young man he is today, with a wicked sense of humour. So, to use Park’s motto ‘tomorrow is a new day’ that is exactly what tomorrow is for my child as he begins his new chapter at mainstream school. I know he will miss you guys, although he probably won’t admit it. You all deserve medals for your hard work.
Year 6 parent – July 2023

We just wanted to say a few words of thanks for all the help and support you have all given to our child on his journey at Park Aspire. It has been incredible and we are so proud of the young man he is becoming and a lot of the credit is down to yourselves. From the initial support he received during the early stages and all the staff that have worked closely with him (too many to name). We really cannot thank you enough! The three years our child has been with you has flown and he has come on so much, especially with his Reading and Writing. His confidence has flourished and I cannot believe that our once shy little boy is starting high school and a new adventure. 
Year 4 parent – January 2022

This is a heartfelt thankyou to everyone at Park Aspire. When our child first came to you before Christmas, we could never anticipate the changes we would see in our lovely boy. He has learnt to trust adults and look forward to coming to school, knowing and understanding that every day is a new day, with the chance to shine and enjoy his experiences.
Year 7 parent – July 2022

The care, expertise and dedication shown by every single member of staff is truly inspiring and we are so grateful that our child has experienced and benefited from this. Everyone, without fail, presents as caring, kind and interested in making each day as good as it can be and we see the tremendous results in our child’s behaviour and presentation.  
Year 9 parent – December 2023